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The commercial marketplace is continually changing. Businesses in the 21st century need aggressive, experienced commercial law attorneys who keep up with commercial and legal trends and their impact on the bottom line.

Business owners and entrepreneurs choose our best Roseville Commercial Attorney from The Sterling Law Group because of the reputation built for tailoring innovative strategies to achieve our clients’ goals. Keeping tabs on our clients’ businesses so that We can provide solid counsel regarding risk management and best practices.

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Commercial Law Lawyer Who Does Not Back Down

I represent business clients in all types of commercial matters throughout California. Iron-clad contracts and agreements are at the core of your business success. I draft and help enforce business contracts of every type, and I vigorously litigate to protect my clients’ interests when a contract has been breached.

The firm’s commercial law services include:

  • Contract litigation
  • Contract preparation
  • Contract review
  • Dispute resolution
  • Franchise agreements
  • Injunctions
  • Insurance claims
  • Insurance disputes
  • Non-compete agreements
  • Non-disclosure contracts
  • Purchases and sales of businesses
  • Real estate lease, purchase and sale agreements
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Restrictive covenants
  • Unfair competition agreements

I work diligently on behalf of clients, whether negotiating a swift resolution outside of court or through complex, persistent litigation. My representation is effective and efficient.


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Commercial Law and Litigation FAQs

When lawsuits concern your business, the stakes are significant as the outcome might impact not only your business but your ability to support yourself and your family. Commercial litigation is a unique and demanding area of law that requires up-to-date knowledge of the constantly changing statutes that govern business.

Working with a commercial litigation attorney regarding your business dispute allows you to focus on the ongoing operations and upkeep of your business while your attorney focuses on achieving the best possible outcome of your legal matter. For a consultation regarding your commercial litigation issue, reach out to The Sterling Law Group and let our best Roseville Commercial Law Attorney assist you.

Below are some frequently asked questions our law firm hears regarding commercial litigation. To specific questions and answers about your situation, please contact us directly.

What is commercial litigation law?

Commercial litigation law is the practice of law that focuses on business disputes that have reached the point of a lawsuit being filed. A case leads to litigation when a plaintiff files a lawsuit against a defendant, and the court determines that the case has sufficient merit to be scheduled for trial.

Litigation is the process of putting together the necessary evidence and filing the necessary motions and paperwork with the court to support your claim in the hopes that the court will rule in your favor. Some litigation settles out of court, while other cases require a trial.

While many civil claims involve individuals, commercial litigation involves businesses – often multiple businesses – and these cases are considerably more complex than others. There can often be significantly higher sums at stake in commercial litigation, as well.

To be successful in your commercial litigation case, you must assemble sufficient evidence in favor of your position and present your case in line with the court rules and procedures in your area. This requires experience that is outside the scope of your business, and working with a skilled commercial litigation attorney allows you to maintain focus on your business while your attorney handles every stop of your commercial litigation case.

Much of the process of commercial litigation involves deadlines for certain court motions like answers. When these deadlines are missed, you may sacrifice your ability to bring your case. To ensure that the best possible case is put together and all court deadlines and requirements are met, connect with a local commercial law attorney as soon as you anticipate a dispute to support your position and desired outcome.

What do commercial law attorneys do?

Commercial lawyers work on commercial and business legal matters, and we gain unique experience in this area that can be beneficial to your business. Commercial law attorneys focus on transactions, paperwork, and documentation. When a legal matter becomes a dispute and court action is necessary, a commercial litigation lawyer steps in to handle the case.

When hiring a commercial law attorney, it is important to consider their experience and qualifications to meet the needs of your case. Commercial law attorneys generally have extensive experience drafting contracts and agreements, as well as negotiating major transactions and ensuring compliance. Some commercial law attorneys work for law firms, while others work directly for the companies that they advise as in-house counsel.

Determining what type of commercial law attorney your business would best benefit from requires a consideration of the unique facts and circumstances of your legal concerns and your business. If you are the owner of a large company that requires ongoing contracts, employment concerns, shareholder concerns, compliance issues, and more, you will need an experienced attorney who can meet all of your needs.

A firm like The Sterling Law Group has the resources and experience to provide your business the unique attention it deserves. This is true whether you need legal guidance or representation in court for litigation.

What is the difference between corporate law and other areas of law?

The main difference between corporate law and other areas of law is the parties involved, with corporate law focusing on interactions between businesses. Other areas of the law focus on the interaction of the individual and the laws of the state (such as criminal matters), while general civil law will handle disputes between individuals, or individuals and businesses.

The successful practice of corporate law requires a thorough understanding of business, business formations, and how the law and courts interact with businesses. There is also an entirely different set of laws involved in commercial cases. While other areas of law might revolve around criminal, injury, or divorce laws, commercial cases can involve:

The interests of a business are also very different from that of an individual. If a business is publicly owned, then it is accountable to the shareholders. Partnerships are businesses owned and/or managed by two or more persons, and when disputes develop between partners in a partnership, it is essential to work with an attorney who understands the legal standards that are applied to corporations.

When you have a commercial issue, whether it is proactive or reactive, you need a commercial law attorney.

When do you need a commercial lawyer?

Businesses benefit from commercial lawyers when disputes arise, but also before a dispute ever begins. If your company has the right legal guidance from the star regarding compliance, contracts, and more, you can do your best to avoid any conflicts in the future. Never hesitate to seek legal help for transactional needs.

As soon as you recognize that a dispute is developing, contacting a corporate lawyer will be beneficial to your business. Getting legal help immediately can often prevent the need for litigation. Your lawyer can work to find a reasonable solution for all parties that also protects the interests of your company.

Working with an experienced commercial litigation attorney will support the best possible outcome in your business legal matter or dispute. To discuss options in your case, Contact The Sterling Law Group to schedule a consultation today.

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