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Business Law: Business Formation, Administration, and Litigation

With over 50 years of legal experience practicing in Northern and Southern California, The Sterling Law Group is experienced in all aspects of business formation, business and corporate administration, contract negotiations and drafting, and business litigation. In the area of business litigation we are experienced plaintiff and defendant attorneys, in State and Federal Courts, in both Northern and Southern California. From simple contract disputes to intellectual property (IP) litigation in federal court, The Sterling Law Group has the experience you need.

Estate Law and Planning: Trust Creation, Estate Administration, and Litigation

Our team has over 50 combined years of experience helping craft estate planning strategies to avoid probate court in California. The Sterling Law Group is experienced in protecting and recapturing family wealth. Many of our group members have concentrated practices in the area of estate planning and litigation. All of this expertise is brought to bear on clients’ personal concerns as well as their estate planning, tax, and litigation goals. Our top priority is to provide our clients with the personalized service they desire.

Business Formation

Get the right advise on what kind of business entity is best for your new or existing business. From trademark research to lease contract review and negotiations, the Sterling Law Group has the expertise to make sure your business is not encumbered with avoidable legal errors.

Estate Planning

Estate planning strategies by The Sterling Law Group of Roseville are designed to protect your hard work by avoiding unnecessary challenges such as Probate, taxes and expenses. Estate planning in California is a complex legal issue, we can help you protect and distribute your estate.

Board of Director Services

The Sterling Law Group can represent and provide counsel to board members without compromising the corporate counsel’s duty to the corporation. We can advise when a matter is legally suspect without compromising the board members’, or corporate counsel’s fiduciary duties.

Estate Litigation

When disputes arise between fiduciaries, trustees, beneficiaries, or creditors, we counsel beneficiaries, fiduciaries, and creditors through all phases of contested matters in trust and will disputes as well as elder financial abuse. We practice in Northern and Southern California Courts.

Business Succession Planning

As with estates, businesses need a legal strategy in place in case of untimely death, incantation or if a business owner is “missing in action”. Creating a business succession plan is key to peace of mind for you, your family as well as creditors and debtors.

Probate and Trust Administration

Our attorneys represent beneficiaries as well as corporate and individual trustees, executors, and other fiduciaries in all aspects of trust administration; ranging from initial funding of trusts to representing clients in Probate Court.

Wealth Transfer & Fiduciary Services

The Sterling Law Group offers compelling advantages as a corporate fiduciary. We are legal experts that have additional expertise in discretion, administration as well as taxes and investments. We have the ability to mange financial and certain non-financial assets.

Family Estate Protection

At The Sterling Law Group we offer protection from predators that prey on elderly patriarchs, recently divorced family members, and others, from those who would seek to take advantage of the family estate. We offer in-depth background services to trustees and beneficiaries.

Private Fiduciary Services

We can manage your estate and family matters now and after your death by assisting in conservatorships, financial management, family wealth protection, and other services as may be required.

Private Investment Services

We work with YOUR financial advisors and CPA’s to be sure our best interests are protected. We will review financial disclosure statements, investment prospectus, and give a nonbiased evaluation of risk. If necessary, we will pursue FINRA complaints against unethical advisors or investment companies.

Litigation Representation

If you have a successful business, the likelihood of being sued or initiating a lawsuit is high. Intellectual property infringement, loss of trade secrets, or breach of contract can cripple a company, or it can be a bridge to new opportunities. We help our clients succeed in business, not just in court.

Concierge Legal Services

Concierge Legal Services are reserved exclusively for Estate Planning clients that want 24/7 access to our senior attorneys. This service is not limited to business and estate planning.

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