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  • When Do You Need a Probate Lawyer?

    Posted by The Sterling Law Group on September 19th - Probate

    The death of a family member can leave any family in disarray. After the funeral has taken place and the deceased is laid to rest, the matter of distributing property to heirs needs to be addressed. This happens, at least in part, through a legal process called probate.   If you are in need of a probate lawyer in Roseville, Sacramento, and nearby cities in California, turn to The Sterling Law Group, APC, to handle your estate matter today.   What is Probate?   Sometimes the property the deceased owned, known as their estate, must be probated. Probate is a court-supervised p...

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  • Filing a Business Litigation Lawsuit

    Posted by The Sterling Law Group on September 12th - Business Law

    Any type of dispute regarding a business transaction is a major headache for those involved. If you are a business owner, a lawsuit could force you to shut down. If you are a consumer, filing a lawsuit can seem overwhelming and can cause you significant stress and attorney fees. Once all other options have been exhausted, it may be a business owner or consumer’s only choice. If you find yourself in the process of litigation, you need help from a business litigation attorney at The Sterling Law Group, A.P.C.   Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) There are some courts that require some fo...

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  • Types of Business Litigation Cases

    Posted by The Sterling Law Group on August 19th - Business Law

    Business litigation is a phrase that generally involves companies or other parties defending or resolving legal disputes, usually relating to businesses that are facing accusations of some kind of misconduct or lawsuits for different reasons. Anytime that your company is facing possible legal action in California, you are going to need to work with an experienced Roseville business attorney. Business Litigation Cases Our firm is adept at a number of different kinds of business litigation cases. Some of the most common cases we see involve the following:   1. Intellectual property disputes ...

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  • Estate Planning Checklist

    Posted by The Sterling Law Group on August 5th - Estate Administration

    The concept of estate planning involves far more than just you writing a will. You will want to account for every one of your assets and wishes to ensure the execution of a set plan after your death, and you will want the help of a Roseville estate planning attorney from The Sterling Law Group. Know that designating certain beneficiaries on your retirement accounts and completing a transfer on death (TOD) designations on other accounts can help keep your assets from passing under a will. Here are some examples of the types of things you are going to want to remember when developing your estate plan....

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  • Common Business Disputes that Lead to Litigation

    Posted by The Sterling Law Group on July 15th - Business Law

    Most businesses will find themselves in court at least once or twice. Whether it’s small claims, mediation, arbitration, or litigation, business disputes must be resolved one way or another. Here is a list of the most common reasons that businesses, whether self-employed individuals or mega-corporations, end up in court. If you are facing a possible dispute, seek help from a business litigation attorney. at The Sterling Law Group, A.P.C. for immediate assistance in Roseville, and nearby cities. Shareholder Complaints For many businesses, shareholders have rights, and they can file suit if they f...

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  • What is Alternative Dispute Resolution & its Types?

    Posted by The Sterling Law Group on June 15th - Business Law

    Business conflicts and disputes are as inevitable as the sun rising in the east and setting in the west. It is, therefore, not a question of if but when a conflict will arise involving your business. The dispute or conflict could be with a customer or within the business between owner partners. At the Sterling Law Group, our business litigation lawyer helps clients in the Roseville and Sacramento areas in California to resolve conflicts involving their businesses. Alternative Dispute Resolution Alternative dispute resolution (“ADR”) is a method of resolving business conflicts without litigation. A...

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  • Why Is Estate Planning Important For Business Owners?

    Posted by The Sterling Law Group on June 1st - Business Law

    Business owners have many things to worry about as part of their business routine, but many forget to address an important aspect of their business - that is, what happens to the business in the event they pass on. It is important that if you are a business owner, you have a plan for the transition of your business in your estate plan. At The Sterling Law Group, A.P.C. our best estate planning & business litigation attorneys help business owners in Roseville, Sacramento, and nearby cities to plan for the transition of their business ownership in their estate plans. Why Include Business Transition ...

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  • What Are Your Rights Regarding Copyright and Trademark Infringement?

    Posted by The Sterling Law Group on May 16th - Business Law

    Trademarks are intellectual property that protects an individual or company's brand. Trademarks can shield catchphrases, layouts, titles, machines, phrases, or logos connected with goods or services. Trademark protection permits companies to demonstrate that they are the source of the goods or services and differentiate them from other companies, thereby supplying an affirmative defense to infringement. Trademark infringement can happen when a company uses a mark that a separate company has already trademarked or if the mark is so alike that it will confuse the general public.   An experienced ...

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