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Family Owned Farm Estate And Business Succession Planning

Estate Issues Faced By Family-Owned Farms Two Important Legal Issues That Demand Diligent, Detailed Legal Planning One of the major drivers of the California economy is agribusiness. In the mix of agribusiness found around California and even here in Placer County, are many family-owned and operated farms. These family-run farms already face many challenges to Read More

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Before You Write Your Own Business Contract

Ambiguity In Business Contracts Could Go Either Way If you don’t know the law, don’t write legally binding documents! Stephen J. Slocum, Esq. Many businesses prepare their own contracts or use form contract from an online source. Obviously, attorneys don’t like this because it cuts into their business; or does it? Well the answer is Read More

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Someone may be stealing your inheritance

Inheritance Theft Can Start Long Before The Will Is Executed If a loved one dies, come see The Sterling Law Group, A P.C. for a review of their Trust, Will, or intestate (dying without a Will) distribution of assets. Just because there is a Will or Trust that says what you are supposed to get, Read More

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Sacramento Area Law Enforcement Posts To RAIDSonline

Taking Care Of Your Elders – Crime Alert System Know What Is Going On Where Your Elder Family Members Live RAIDS Online Connects You To Sacramento-area crime reports RAIDSOnline is a public crime map that displays incident reports in neighborhoods connected to their reporting system via their local law enforcement agency. Sacramento City Police and Read More

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Protect Your Elders From Inheritance Theft

Stop Inheritance Theft – Sacramento! Contact A Sacramento Estate Attorney If You Suspect Inheritance Hijacking It isn’t always the case that you are aware of potential dangers to you or other loved ones who are rightful heirs under the law. In cases where you suspect your rights as an heir are threatened, you should contact Read More

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Death Or Incapacitation Without A Business Succession Plan

Create A Business Succession Plan Now Prince’s Death Illustrates A Common Error Company Owners Make. The music icon appears to have died without a will. If this is the case, probate will be a long, painful and expensive process for family and creditors. Like Prince, many business and corporation owners do not have estate and Read More

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Notes On Nevada Asset Protection Trusts (NAPT)

Get The Full Story On NAPTs, DAPTS and APTS Before You Leap I subscribe to a financial newsletter that recently sent out an article on Nevada Asset Protection Trusts. A Nevada Asset Protection Trust (NAPT) is a self-settled spindthrift trust, or irrevocable trust being marketed as a solution for creditor protection. Target clients for NAPTs Read More

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You need to talk to an estate attorney before you continue to write about revocable living trusts

Dear Dave, You need to talk to an estate attorney before you continue to write about revocable living trusts.  In California, wills are disfavored by the courts; trust are the preferred testamentary document.  If you have a will, you will have a very long time for probate (usually a year give or take a couple Read More

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Radio Show Hosts Ought Not Give Legal Advice

On a recent radio show, a question was asked that caused the financial planner to suggest wills over a Revocable Living Trusts. An attorney whose practice focuses on estate and business planning, I was in shock that the show’s host was giving what could be considered legal advice. In addition to the fact the show’s Read More

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