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Create A Legacy That Lasts A Lifetime

You’ve worked hard to achieve the life you live today. And for you, passing down your assets and choosing your caretaker is vital. An estate plan is crucial for fulfilling and honoring those wishes. In California, those who die without an estate plan die “intestate.” That means the state decides who takes care of you and gets your assets after you pass – decisions you and your loved ones may not agree with when the time comes.

At The Sterling Law Group, A P.C., we help people address estate plans that do not reflect their desires or failed to take new circumstances into account. Our attorneys have experience handling all aspects of estate law, including estate planning and the litigation it can lead to. This experience can help guide you through the challenging components of the process while addressing your unique story and situation.

What Makes Up A Solid California Estate Plan?

There are multiple things to put into your estate plan. In California, an effective plan includes:

  • Advance health care directives: Allows trusted loved ones to make medical decisions on your behalf when you can no longer make them yourself.
  • Durable power of attorney: Lets trusted loved ones handle your financial affairs if you become incapacitated.
  • HIPAA releases: Gives designated individuals access to your medical records and lets them communicate with your health care provider.
  • Pour-over wills: Protects every single asset in your estate – you can these wills in conjunction with a living trust.
  • Property memorandums: Allows grantors with trusts to make additional donations or gifts without modifying their existing trust.
  • Family revocable living trusts: Can offer privacy to grantors and beneficiaries, protect against probate and minimize the impact of estate taxes.
  • Trust transfer deeds: Sets up the process of transferring your real estate to your trust.

Sometimes, disputes arise even when the planning is done right. You can have every element in place and still end up in court for a number of reasons. We know where things go wrong in estate planning and can help you address these problems as they arise.

Plan For Tomorrow So You Can Enjoy Today

An estate plan can paint you a clearer picture of your future. Start drafting or modifying your legacy plans now. If a dispute has arisen, get in touch with our skilled lawyers by calling 916-727-6904 or filling out our contact form to set up a free consultation.