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Stop Your Older Loved One From Facing Mistreatment

Older adults can add meaning, wisdom and humor to your life. Unfortunately, as their cognitive abilities decline, they can easily fall victim to cruel acts like financial abuse. This type of mistreatment can lead to undesirable consequences. It can cost your loved one their life savings or leave them unable to afford housing or medical care.

At The Sterling Law Group, A P.C., we will do everything we can to stop bad actors from destroying your loved one’s legacy. Our attorneys have years of experience handling financial elder abuse cases in California. We have the knowledge and resources to help your loved one reclaim their assets and hold their abusers accountable.

What Are The Signs Of Financial Elder Abuse

Do you think your loved one is a victim of financial abuse? A few clear indicators include the following:

  • Sudden changes to your loved one’s banking information
  • Unexplained and large withdrawals of money from your loved one’s bank account
  • Forged signatures on your loved one’s financial documents
  • Uninvolved relatives or strangers claiming ownership of your loved one’s property or possessions
  • Stacks of unpaid medical bills – especially if your loved one can afford care
  • Your loved one says someone is taking advantage of them

If you are concerned about an older adult in your life, contact their local Adult Protective Services (APS) branch and tell them about your concerns. Financial elder abuse is a growing problem in California. If a bad actor takes advantage of your loved one’s assets, we can help your loved one seek the justice they deserve.

Who Would Take Advantage Of My Older Loved One?

Multiple people can be responsible for financial elder abuse – many of whom you might know. They can include:

  • Caretakers
  • Nursing home staff
  • Significant others
  • Trusted friends
  • Other relatives

Stop these bad actors and hold them accountable for their actions with help from our firm.

When Will I Know If My Loved One Is Facing Abuse?

Most people discover financial abuse after their loved one passes away. The signs of abuse usually appear during trust administration or probate and are handled in a probate court. However, if you discover abuse while your loved one is still alive, their case may get handled in civil court. To determine whether the circumstances and facts regarding the abuse are punishable, you will need information on the relationship between your loved one and their caretaker.

These cases can be delicate and complex. Working with an attorney knowledgeable in financial elder abuse is highly recommended. They can evaluate your circumstances and work with you to prevent someone from destroying your loved one’s legacy.

There’s No Time To Wait – Seek Justice Now.

At The Sterling Law Group, A P.C., we understand the severity of financial elder abuse. Your loved one doesn’t deserve to stand idle while being robbed – we are here to help. Call us at 916-727-6904 or fill out our contact form to take action.