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Tips for your company website’s terms and conditions agreement

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2022 | Business Litigation

For many business owners in California, building a website involves decisions about graphic design, video content, keywords and the site’s Google ranking. Few business owners take the time to focus on the terms and conditions agreement for the website. But if you are approaching your website with this attitude, you risk overlooking a pivotal part of your company’s online presence.

Parts of the website terms of use

The terms and conditions agreement, also known as the website terms of use, define the expectations of both website users and website owners. The website terms of use typically include these parts:

  • Contact options for company
  • Appropriate and permitted usage of any content
  • List of any fees associated with use
  • Notice of registration requirements
  • Liability disclaimers for any linked content
  • Availability of website
  • Cookies and privacy policies
  • Notice to refrain from illegal or abusive content in user-generated comments

Displaying website terms of use

The design of your website should include a prominent display of your website terms of use. Visitors need to easily see the terms of use when they visit your site. Common display areas include:

  • Site footer
  • Checkout screen
  • Sign-up screen
  • Log-in screen

Limiting your legal liability

A website terms of use involves a legally binding agreement between the owner and the visitor. Deciding to include terms of use greatly decreases your legal liability and may reduce the potential for business litigation.

Special considerations

Depending on your website’s content, you may need to include special considerations for your terms of use. These special considerations may involve the following:

  • Intellectual property rights
  • Warranty information
  • Payment terms
  • Details about how your site follows the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act if your content targets minors

Protecting your long-term interests

Building a website can involve time and a significant financial investment. However, choosing to prioritize a terms and conditions agreement may protect your company’s future.