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Stephen James Slocum


Stephen J. Slocum – Senior Counsel, Principal
Executive level professional with broad range experience in law and business: I am the Managing Director of the Sterling Law Group, A Professional Corporation, that is comprised of several highly talented and well-seasoned attorneys, law clerks, paralegals, and legal secretaries.

Stephen James Slocum

Stephen Slocum Attorney at The Law Sterling Law Group.

Estate and Business Attorney and Counselor

Purpose and Scope: 
The Sterling Law Group was formed with the desire to protect clients’ estates, business and personal interests with respect to all aspects of their lives.

Specific Areas of Representation:

Estate Planning, Trust Administration, Probate
Estate Litigation: Will Contests, Trustee Contests, Trustee surcharge and removal
Subsumed: Unlawful Detainers, Quiet Title, Elder Abuse, Intellectual Property Rights, Copy Rights, Conservatorship (creation and administration), and Restraining Orders
Business Strategic and Succession Planning
Business Litigation, Unfair Practices, Breach of Contract
Contract Negotiation and Implementation
Dispute Mediation and Resolution

Legal Experience

Estate Litigation: I have litigated Will contests in many Northern California Counties, Trust contracts, Elder Abuse Claims. I have surcharged Trustees for breach of their fiduciary duties, and undue influence etc.

Estate Planning: Since the Sterling Law Group litigates so many estates in probate or trust, we prepare our Estate Planning documents to the highest standards to ensure that they will survive judicial scrutiny. I have personally prepared hundreds Complete Estate Plans with Inter Vivos Trusts, Pour over wills, Healthcare Directives, Durable Powers of Attorney (immediate and springing), HIPAA Directives. Trust Advisors, and administration. Some of these trusts have been QDOT Trusts (where one of the creators/Settlors of the trust in not a US citizen), Asset protection trust, Life Insurance Trusts, Special Needs Trusts, etc. We are Members of the WealthCounsel and use their trust system as well as the CEB trust and estate systems.

Probate: Filed Probates for clients under a Will and under Intestate Succession (No Will) in Northern California Counties.

Civil: Admitted to the Central and Eastern U. S. District court in California, where I defended Trade Infringement under 15 U.S.C. § 1114/ Lanham Act, and California Business and Professions Code § 17200, Music Publishing Copy and Mechanical Rights, among others. Negotiated multiple business conflicts and contract issues, experience in business organization, government contracting, and FINRA complaints

Criminal: California Superior Court, Riverside County, provided Criminal Defense for Clients in a range of legal conflicts.

Stephen Slocum Business Experience

I offer legal and business advice and representation to businesses in the areas of: business organization and formation, contract, shareholder/director disputes, and more.

Business Qualification
Strong Sales Organization Methodology
Strategic Partnership Formation
Excellent Team Builder
Diverse Engineering Background
Experienced Market Analyst
P & L and Budget Administration
Out-of-the-Box Situational Thinking
Superb Organization Capabilities
Outstanding negotiation skills

Stephen Slocum History

Convergence Services, Inc. (CSI)
President and CEO

Purpose and Scope: Delivered energy, insight, acumen and leadership that defined and achieved growth and P&L objectives for a provider of telecommunications solutions to Nortel distributors across 14 states. Formulated business plans, budgets, operational policies, infrastructure and systems governing 7 physical and virtual offices. Brokered agreement terms with dealers and major clients. Recruited and directed 25 managers, engineers and technicians. Allocated assets, secured financing; mitigated risks, and rendered unparalleled quality service; achieved $1.8 million in mostly high margin services. Lead our network partners to secure $1 billion in network and equipment sales.

Organizational Impact | Contributions:
• Launched a start-up venture and shepherded growth to 2 brick and mortar and 5 virtual offices, which generated millions in yearly sales; executed contracts with Qwest, Sprint, and Toshiba.
• Expanded income opportunities; identified prospects; brokered partner agreements with Toshiba telephone systems, Nortel Networks, and service providers like Qwest, Sprint, AT&T and others.

Awarded the top security clearances for work on communications projects utilized by federal agencies; US Marshalls, FBI, CIA, NSA and others.

Nortel Networks:
Director of Government Sales and Engineering for the 11-Western States, for a Fortune 100 company.

Developed, implemented and managed the Sales and Engineering of telecommunications equipment to governments in the Western U.S. Increased GSE division annual sales revenue to $20 million and 28% net earnings. During this time, I was also the registered lobbyist to the state of California for Nortel.

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