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Who Should You Select as Your POA?

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2022 | ESTATE ADMINISTRATION

Selecting someone for your power of attorney is a critical decision to make, and you must get it right. Here are some qualities that the person should have to be your POA, and you can discuss these with an estate attorney in Roseville, CA.

When you are giving someone power of attorney, you are placing a significant amount of trust in that person. After all, this is the individual who you are designating to make what could be critical financial and healthcare decisions on your behalf. Here is what you should consider about the person you choose, and you should go over your options with an estate attorney in Roseville, CA.

Someone Able to Make the Decisions

There are two different keys to selecting someone as a POA, which is an important aspect of your estate plan. The first is that someone should be in the position to act when necessary. Preferably, this should be someone who lives nearby and is easily accessible. They could speak to doctors or other professionals in person if necessary, and there would be little lag time.

In addition, you want someone with the capacity to make decisions. For example, financial decisions require someone with a degree of savvy and knowledge. You would not choose someone without financial literacy to help manage investments and pay bills.

Someone Trustworthy

Power of attorney literally gives someone the power to act as you. They make binding decisions that could affect the savings that you spent a lifetime building. It follows that you want someone responsible and trustworthy making those decisions. Think of whom you would choose if you were putting your life in someone’s hands, and go with that person.

Someone Who Can Hold Their Own

Power of attorney means having to make tough decisions. It may involve having to ask difficult questions on your behalf and demanding answers. The person who you select should not be timid. There could be issues with professionals or even your own family, and your attorney-in-fact would need to stand up for themselves (which is really standing up for you).

A Diligent Person

It is not easy to hold power of attorney. When decisions need to be made, it requires a lot of work to learn about each of the possibilities and to think them through. However, you need someone who will take the time to do exactly this. Cutting corners could put your finances, and even your life, at risk. Speak with the person ahead of time to make sure that they have the time and capacity to take on power of attorney.

Someone Who Can Handle Possible Conflict

Families do not always agree about decisions to take, but they need to defer to the person who has the power of attorney. It means that there could be conflict. You should have someone who can remain calm when being challenged and who can confidently speak their viewpoint.

Speak with Estate Attorneys in Roseville CA

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