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  • Do You Need to Update Your Estate Plan?

    Posted by The Sterling Law Group on August 24th - Estate Planning

    Once you have an estate plan, your job is not done. If you experience any type of life changes involving your beneficiaries or property, you will need updates. Speak with an estate planning lawyer today.  Too many people allow their initial estate plan to stay in place unchanged throughout the course of their lives. This can render some provisions of a will or trust invalid or allow an unfavorable designation of power of attorney or another position of authority. If you are in California and looking to update your estate plan, reach out to a lawyer who can assist with this process. A lawyer can ide...

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  • Should You Form a Trust if You Have Minor Children?

    Posted by The Sterling Law Group on August 10th - Trusts

    If you have minor children, you want to make sure their inheritance is not wasted should you pass away while they are young. A trust allows you to have greater control over your estate distribution, so speak with a trusts attorney today.  If you have children, protecting their future and also your current assets is an important thing to do for your and your child’s financial stability. While this article will present a general understanding of why you might form a trust if you have minor children, a well-informed lawyer can help advise you of the best options available for your specific situation...

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  • Who Should You Select as Your POA?

    Posted by The Sterling Law Group on July 20th - Estate Administration

    Selecting someone for your power of attorney is a critical decision to make, and you must get it right. Here are some qualities that the person should have to be your POA, and you can discuss these with an estate attorney in Roseville, CA. When you are giving someone power of attorney, you are placing a significant amount of trust in that person. After all, this is the individual who you are designating to make what could be critical financial and healthcare decisions on your behalf. Here is what you should consider about the person you choose, and you should go over your options with an estate attorn...

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  • Options for Resolving a Partnership Dispute

    Posted by The Sterling Law Group on July 8th - Business Law

    Partnership disputes can be thorny matters because of the stakes involved. If business partners have a dispute that falls short of litigation, seeking advice from a Roseville business attorney can help mediate the situation. Partnership disputes present an obvious risk for a business that cannot continue to operate if its owners are at odds with each other. Arguments and disagreement can be a big business expense. While litigation is an obvious option, that should be the last resort. There are some ways to resolve these disputes without a costly court battle, and you should discuss these with a lawyer...

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  • Ways an Estate Planning Lawyer Can Help

    Posted by The Sterling Law Group on June 22nd - Estate Planning

    Estate planning is a more complicated process than most people might imagine, and many mistakes or omissions can impact the effect of your estate plan. It is worth it to learn how an estate planning attorney in Roseville, CA can help you. Many people wonder how exactly estate planning can assist them in preparing for the future. The reality is that the right attorney can act as a guide to ensure that you take the right steps to protect your assets, family, and own well-being. The following are some of the many ways our estate attorneys in Roseville, CA can help. Determining the Components of Your Esta...

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  • Common Types of Probate Disputes

    Posted by The Sterling Law Group on June 15th - Probate

    Once a case is opened in probate, different types of disputes can arise that might even lead to litigation. If you are facing a possible conflict, do not wait to contact a Roseville probate attorney for assistance.  For many people, probate cases proceed without too many complications. However, some probate matters might be delayed due to complex and costly disputes. When a dispute leads to litigation before the Probate Court, you want to make sure you have the right Roseville probate attorney. These disputes can use up substantial resources and, perhaps more importantly, they can tear families apa...

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